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Why Should You Learn Astrology

Astrology is an ancient study; it is as old as humans. The significance of astrology can be immense in a person’s life as you can avoid many future problems with the help of it. It can also help you in predicting future aspects of your fortunes, economic growth, and love life. It enables you to self-reflect and also helps in understanding the people and things surrounding you. It is a language of clarity, imagination, and different perspective into your own beliefs and feelings. Taking an astrology course will help you immensely in your journey towards astrology.

Hence, astrology can be significantly important in one’s life. It is also a study which would not bore you but will always make you discover new things; it surely is an adventurous work. It can also help you in your personal growth, which is why astrology is an amazing knowledge.

Shri Vipul Kumar Goel - Master Instructor for Astrology Course in Delhi

Shri Vipul Kumar Goel.

Founder and Principal Astrologist

Shri Vipul Kumar Goel is India’s top astrologer. He has been a practicing astrologer for over 12 years. He has a firm grasp of different aspects of astrology. He possesses deep and profound knowledge of astrology and has an immense understanding and experience in multiple areas of astrology such as horoscope, numerology, lal kitabvastu, palmistry, intuition, and dowsing.

Mr. Goel is a renowned astrologer and has a clientele of more than 1200 people, whom he help with his predictions and astrological remedies.

His predictions and astrological remedies have been trusted by thousands of people across the world and have helped them in their life. This online astrology course will be taught to you live by the master instructor himself, so you can learn and grow to become a professional astrologer!

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Astrology Course Structure

This extremely knowledgeable astrology course in Delhi is designed by the master himself. With his vast knowledge of astrology, Shri Vipul Kumar Goel has created this astrology course for you in a way that will help you master the art of astrology.

The astrology course has been divided into different steps that will act as levels for you. On each step, you will be taught an important aspect of astrology.


First of all, you will be given an introduction to astrology and your instructor, Shri Vipul Kumar Goel.

Foundations of Astrology

As the name suggests, in the first step, you will be taught about all the fundamental aspects of astrology. You will be told about the basics of Planets, Signs, and Houses. The 12 of these are extremely essential, thus, you must know their characteristics and significance.

Blank Chart

The blank chart is an important part of astrology. Looking at it and deciphering what it means is a critical thing. In this step, you will be taught about it. This will help you in learning how to make predictions accurately without using any Dahsa or Planet. Dasha tells us about the person; Planet tells us about the spouse.

D-1 to D-9

This step is also essential as in this one you will be taught all the tricks to make accurate predictions. You will also be taught to understand predictions about marriage and spouse.

Planetary Roles

Here you will be taught everything about planets and what roles do they play when it comes to astrology. This step will include the role of each planet. You will also be given information on Exaltation and Debilitation, Aspects, Yogas, Digbali, Specials Hacks.

Kaal Sarp Yog/ Manglik Dosh & Cancellation

These are immensely important and crucial aspects of astrology. In order to become a great astrologer, one must know how to deal with the situations of Kaal Sarp Yog, Manglik Dosh, Sadde, Satti, the role of Saturn, and how to give remedies effectively.

Doubts and Cases

This step will prove to be an important part of the course as in this one we will be discussing everything we learned so far. You will also be given an opportunity to share any doubts or queries you have regarding Astrology. In the end, you will also get to engage with some live cases to help you polish what you will have learned.

Predictive Astrology
You will be taught how to predict accurately in this step. By now, you will be able to predict future events with precision. Here, you will learn how to see marriage, love, child. You will also be taught how to make predictions about career, education, travel, legal cases, etc.
Master Stroke & Remedies

In this last step, we will be teaching you how to solve a customer’s problem and what remedies to recommend accordingly. You will greatly enjoy this step as several cases will be discussed with you to help you in grasping the whole knowledge of Astrology and master the art of it. After this step, you can start your own Professional Astrology Consultations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Today is the world of the internet. All around the world, people are learning different skills and bits of knowledge through the internet. Astrology is no exception. As this course is designed in full detail and will be live, you won’t feel yourself held back at all. You will also be able to interact with the instructor and get to ask questions. You will have the luxury of learning everything about astrology in the comfort of your home.

This astrology course in Delhi costs 30,000 INR. However, the course is 50% for the time being, so grab the opportunity and get this course only for 14,999. You won’t find such a detailed, informative course at this price anywhere else.

The mode of learning for this astrology course is online. All of the assignments and study materials will be given online. Discussion of the live cases will also be conducted online.

Yes, this astrology course includes study material and assignments. Both of them are designed in a way that will make you understand astrology in a much better way. Shri Vipul Kumar Goel, who will be your instructor will check all your assignments.

The course expands on the span of four months. In these four months, you will be taught every important aspect of astrology. After four months, you will master the art of astrology.

Yes, you will have one instructor, Shri Vipul Kumar Goel. He has experience of over 12 years in this field and has helped more than 1200 clients all over the world. His vast knowledge and experience qualify him to teach this astrology course to students who wish to become an astrologer. He has taught astrology to many people and has helped them become professional astrologers.

Yes, it is. Since this course details all basics of astrology, it is suitable for beginners as well. Even if you don’t have much knowledge of astrology, you can take this astrology course and will find it beneficial. The instructor will walk you through all the crucial steps of astrology, hence, you will not feel lost despite being a beginner.

No, you don’t need any pre-requisite for this live astrology course. Anyone who is interested in astrology and is willing to learn it can take this course.

As this astrology course will be conducted live by Shri Vipul Kumar Goel, it is recommended for you to take your online classes daily. However, if you happen to miss a class due to some emergency, then our team will try to provide you with a recording of the lecture. In some classes, remedies and tricks will also be shared live, so if you happen to miss that, unfortunately, you might miss out on those topics.

This astrology course brought to you by Kismat Guru has both online and offline formats, however currently we are only accepting students for the online course of astrology in delhi. The offline classes for astrology course in delhi shall begin soon. However, both online and offline formats do not impact learning, in fact it comes as a learning from our students, that the online format is more convenient to them due to access from anywhere and also you receive all study material and notes in a way you can carry wherever you go!

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About Astrology

You may have heard its name many times in your life, but do you know what astrology really is?

The word Astro means relating to stars. Hence, as you might be able to tell, Astrology is a study of stars to predict the future. It is a study that professes to read and recognize information about human undertakings and worldly events by studying the relative movements and positions of heavenly bodies. It is a belief that the position of the stars or planets when you were born has an influence on the aspects of your personality, your life, and your daily events. It is mainly based on celestial bodies such as the sun, planets, stars, moon, constellation, etc. In Astrology, you study the movement of other celestial bodies around Earth or relative to Earth. Astrology can foresee the events of a person’s life or knowledge about them such as the love life, profit in business, or promotion at the job. It professes to predict what might happen in one’s future. In ancient times, there were rulers who would take the help of astrology to guide their decisions. Today, people might make fun of a person who has an interest in astrology or want to pursue it as their career, but what they don’t know is that astrology has an extremely positive impact on one’s life. A person who masters the study of astrology is known as an Astrologer.

What Does An Astrologer Do?

The job of an astrologer is to predict the future and the insights of a person’s personality and daily life. Astrologers chart the position of planets, stars, and other celestial objects and spend a great amount of their time reading it before making any claims. Some of the famous astrologers in the history of the world are Nostradamus, Baba Vanga, Evangeline Adams, Alan Lee, Varahamihira. They spent their entire life in studying and practicing astrology. To this day, people benefit from their studies. There are different types of Astrologers; some make personal predictions about people’s lives, some print horoscopes in the newspaper. Astrologers make a good amount of money through both of these options. Astrologers also counsel and give advice to their clients and develop a long-term business relationship with them. India has a big market for astrologers as a majority of Indians have a staunch belief in Astrology.

The Best Course Available in Delhi

This course, designed by Shri Vipul Kumar Goel, is the best, most informative course that you would find in Delhi. It involves all the nooks and crannies of astrology. After learning this course, you will be able to understand astrology significantly more. If you’re a beginner, this course will help you in understanding what astrology is and every small aspect of it.

Your instructor is one of the renowned astrologers in India, hence, his vast experience will prove to be beneficial for you. You will be able to ask him any question you want, and will also get to study live cases with him.

You will also receive assignments and different study materials that will help you in the future as well. You will be able to learn how to make accurate predictions and how to give remedies to your clients to solve their problems.

Why Choose Us?

Our team works hard to help you in your journey towards astrology. Our astrology course will prove to be highly beneficial in your career as an astrologer. You can make your dreams of learning astrology come true by taking the best astrology course in delhi. Our instructor has had expertise in astrology for over a decade. This astrology course has been designed after detailed research and experience in the field. Its step-by-step procedure you will make learning astrology effortless for you. From basics to remedies, you will learn everything.

Where Will You Be Headed After This Course?

  1. You will feel a positive change in your personality, once you are done with this astrology course in delhi.
  2. To be accurate in your readings, an astrologer would be required to become consistent, precise, and organized.
  3. As the course includes all the basic and significant aspects of astrology, after learning it, you will become a master of astrology.
  4. Not only will you be able to understand astrology better but you can also adopt astrology as your profession.
  5. You will have the option to solve your clients’ personal problems, or you can work for a magazine or a newspaper and write for their horoscopes section.
  6. You can also become an astrology consultant and offer your skills to the public.


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