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Is Occult Science Logical?

The term occult sciences are used to refer to astrology, alchemy, and natural magic. It has been in practice since ancient times and even today, it is in high demand. Occult sciences mostly deal with the prediction of future using one’s birth date, birth time, zodiac, and specific numbers associated with the individual. Its fame is perhaps due to the fact that one can know about the unknown via occult sciences.

India has been no stranger to occult sciences, with concepts such as astronomy and natural magic dating back to the time when our country was ruled by kings and queens. You must have heard of the terms “baba” and “tantric”, these people are supposed to have astronomical and magical powers through which they predict the future or cure someone of some illness. Even though occult sciences have lost some of their hold in urban areas, they are still practiced prevalently in rural areas.

Presently, occult science is making a comeback even in urban areas with youngsters gaining more and more interest in horoscopes, alchemy and astronomy. Horoscope and zodiac related content has shot up in fame over the last few years and even magazines like ‘The Cosmopolitan’ have included it in their daily columns.

The validity of occult science has always been brought into question by science. Since it is all about calculating probabilities based on the planets, birth charts, and zodiacs, and hence it is not considered as a part of science by scientists and instead is included in pseudoscience. Many attempts have been made to debunk occult sciences, like, referring to psychics or telekinetics as people who are just really good at reading other people or have studied human psychology in great depths. It is very true that if you know a few things about a person, one can estimate their next move or their reaction in a certain situation, but this still does not explain some really marvelous feats that psychics have carried out without knowing anything about the person beforehand.

One of the occult sciences which can be closely related to the factual sciences is alchemy. It is an ancient branch of natural philosophy, a philosophical and protoscientific branch that was carried out in China, India and Europe. Alchemists attempt to purify, mature, and create certain materials, ring a bell? yes you guessed it right, alchemy sounds a lot like chemistry. One of the main motives of alchemists was the transformation of lead into gold and to create the drink of Gods – elixir of life, that would let one become immortal. In modern times, it has been found out that lead can actually be turned into gold, though it is not an economical process and does not yield a large quantity of gold. Coming to the philosopher’s stone which is supposed to grant one immortality – many a people think that this stone could have been just a myth but in modern day there are certain molecules (mostly antioxidants) which prevent aging. So maybe this philosopher’s stone was just an aggregated molecule full of antioxidants that needed very specific atmosphere to be created and preserved.

Indian mythology also has many references of occult sciences which strongly hint at some advanced science that the early Indians knew. For example, the ‘pushpak vimaan’ in the epic Ramayana was considered to be a figment of imagination whereas in modern day we are all well aware of airplanes which sound very similar to the machinery in the epic. Same goes for the ‘brahmastras’ which supposedly held enough powers to destroy cities and leave behind people who are mutated for life, this weapon has an uncanny resemblance to modern day nuclear weapons which can wipe out cities and have gruesome biological effects on the human body. Taking the example of another epic, Mahabharata, in which a queen was able to conceive hundred children by nurturing them in ‘pots’, sounds very similar to the concept of test tube baby in modern day. References in Indian mythology sometimes have a very high resemblance to modern day science but some myths like the ones of fairies and demons may be just myths.

It is well known that the moon affects the water level of the sea (high tide and low tide), and hence influences the daily activities of people living near sea shore. Maybe other planets have exerted such forces on Earth too due to which they have altered lives of certain people in specific ways, unknown to us as of this date. The discovery of telephones which transmit voices via radio waves shows us that voices can indeed be transmitted from one part of the world to the other, if this can be done for the living, then why not the dead? Brain imaging experiments has made rudimentary mind reading possible, and talk of mind downloading resurrects ideas about soul transfer. Maybe occult sciences were once advanced sciences, too complex for the general public to understand and hence were deemed as magical and mystical to simplify them or to stop their replication.

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